What I bring to the relationship

I teach entrepreneurs and their leadership teams comprehensive time-proven tools and the EOS® process. I bring perspective and objectivity with my depth of experience. I’ve ‘been there, felt that and successfully survived’. Being an entrepreneur and business coach is powerful combination.

Leadership Development

Focus on the development and refinement of a Leaders’ style and communication. This program teaches and builds on the fundamentals of building trust, clearer communication and motivating your team to guide them to live your vision.

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Leadership Team One-on-One

As Leaders are expected to lead the change, individual one-on-one coaching is a strategic, targeted way for a leadership team member to facilitate the change upon the rest of the organization.

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Advisory Services

Focus on growing your business strategically from an organizational-wide performance and transformation objective. Help in mitigating risk, improve performance and achieve sustainable results. Support and challenge business owners regarding key business issues.

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EOS Implementation

The Essential EOS® Package

Full-service implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to bring Vision – Traction® – Health to your leadership team and every individual within organization.

It includes:

The Focus Day™ – The EOS® signature start-up day will help your leadership team become aware of the 5 leadership abilities and learn to grow your business, from here we begin implementing the disciplines and tools necessary to achieving Traction® and working as a cohesive team.

2-Day Vision Building™ – Master the tools you learned on your Focus Day, create a plan to roll-out to the entire organization and crystalize your vision so that your leadership team fully share and buy into the vision and how they are accountable to execute on it.

Quarterly Pulsing™ Sessions – Build team health, resolve issues and get your leadership team focused on a 90 – day world to ultimately accomplish your annual goals.

2-Day Annual Planning – Overnight retreat designed to build team health, reset the vision on the long-term plan and finalize the annual plan’s objectives for the coming year.

George Haddad - Full House Coaching

Special Sessions

Targeted morning, afternoon or full-day training sessions – available only to companies who are fully using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® – EOS® as their base management tool.

LMA™: Leadership, Management & Accountability Training – Learn the essentials of leadership, management and accountability from your leadership team to every individiual in the organization.

Same Page – Get your partners/owners behind a shared vision by clearly identifying their respective roles in the organization and begin moving and working in the same direction.

Process Improvement – Evaluate your process documentation, implement formal processes and implement systems to support your growth to scale your business.

Growth Strategy – Evaluate financial model options, partnership channel strategies, people strategies, marketing strategies and GTM strategies.

SWOT / Business Tune-Up Analysis – A management audit approach to leading your senior management, as well as others in systematically assessing your entire company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Problem-Solving Session – Focus on resolving any contentious issues, including partnership or personnel conflicts, using a constructive conflict resolution approach.

Weekly Meeting™ Tune-Up – Attend your weekly meeting, in order to diagnose problems and show you how to eliminate your bad habits. This will allow you to conduct meetings that are enjoyable, productive and effective in resolving issues, and inspiring team members to remain focused on hitting their targets.

Team-Building Session – Activities designed to foster understanding and trust between your team members, keeping them in tune with one another and allowing them to progress more effectively towards your goals.

Targeted Growth Services

Guidance on how to preserve and protect what you have built and prepare for the future.

Merger & Acquisition Options – Analyze the cultural and strategic keys to a successful merger or acquisition, evaluate your options, and develop an action plan to accomplish your desired outcomes.

Business Sale / Exit / Succession Planning – Safeguard your company’s success with an internal management/ownership succession plan; set it up for a minority/majority recapitalization or outright sale using investment bankers or business brokers.

Partnership rules of Engagement – Issue resolution, role definition and cadence