Complimentary 90-Minute Workshop with Georges, a Professional EOS® Implementer

If you are self-implementing or thinking about implementing EOS® in your business, schedule a complimentary 90-Minute Workshop with Georges a Professional Implementer. This workshop will show you what EOS® is and how it works. More important, it will determine if there is a fit between your team and Georges.

Whether or not you intend to hire a professional to help you, this is a critical step. There’s no obligation, we love doing it, and I’ll leave you with some tool & techniques that you and your leadership team can start using immediately.

90 Minutes with Georges, a Professional EOS® Implementer and learn how to:

  • Get your leadership team 100% on the same page executing a shared vision
  • Get the most from all your people by placing them in the right seats
  • Track activities to assure desired results
  • Develop your team to quickly resolve all issues and keep you moving forward
  • Minimize errors and Create consistency around everything you do
  • Develop a disciplined, accountable team that executes your vision

Complete the form to request your meeting. You’ll receive a quick phone call so that we can arrange your 90-minute workshop.